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...last night a dj saved my life.

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24th July 2006

12:44am: well I have one thing to say.. any girl that respects herself wouldn't need to show other people their tits .. ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY HAVE A BOYFRIEND! if you had any respect for yourself you'd stop showing people your A size tits TANYA! you need to get over your hot head.. you really aren't shit. and yes i am going to school, working on my BACHELOR'S DEGREE and then on to be something, while you're debating on which job you should take, the highest one being $8 an hour. take a look at the situation.. and get a fucking grip. stop hating! stop saying my name, because i can promise you if and when i see you you are not going to have much to say. and I will see you again!


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5th July 2006

3:00am: new myspace.
oh 4th of julyyy. what a nite.

anyh0o.. check out my new myspace.
d a b a d d e s t b i t c h

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25th June 2006

8:34pm: friends only.

friends only from now on. : )
c o m m e n t or do something cool & i'll add you.

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23rd May 2006

9:36pm: blah! tonite was the finale of IDOL. I really hope that Katharine wins.... i'll like SHOOT myself if Taylor wins. iMO, he doesn't deserve it as much as Kat does.

I'm FREEEEEEEZING! On the flipside of things, I haven't heard from Mike since the night he called. I think it's for the best though.. I know he is okay, which was my main concern. I don't wanna check his myspace page though... it'll just be too hard. It's for the best though : )

I was supposed to go meet with my college today but I woke up in kind of a bad mood & it set off my day, so I rescheduled for Thursday. I'm kind of excited!!! : )

I did that graphic I was supposed to do... it came out bangin', as most of my shit does : ) I am going to start on another tonite, this one will be for Father's day...

TOMORROW NIGHT... I AM GOING TO SEE AK12OO AND DARA! :) Ah I am so fucking excited that I get to go out and hear some d&b. Pics of course to come!

Not much happened in the last few days... really. OH YEAHHH guess who found me on myspace.. JASON FAROUK! :) he's like, "do you remember me?" but of course :)

Welpers I am on the phone with Colleen.


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20th May 2006

6:58pm: so I had my boy pay that ticket from when I wass down in jersey... I felt kinda bad making him pay for something that Mike caused, but what can you do? He agreed to.... one of the many reasons he is so awesome =)

TOMORROW IS GOING TO BE 94!!! You know what that means bitches? I am going to the BEAAAACH all fuggin day.. to just lay out and catch up on my tanning booth hours that I have been missing. I haven't tanned outside in so long but it will be a nice long day at the beach, getting DRUNK and having fun. no water for me though.. lol.

I've been sleeping the most fucked up hours.. not going to sleep til like 4 am or even later and no waking up til at least one. I have an odd end job to do.. this foam company needs graphics for the fathers day & memorial day specials.. i am gonna charge them $150 a graphic.. then they are going to need one for independance day too. so that should be cool at least for a lil while. then school starts in august.. WORD UP!!!! i can't wait actually =) never thought i would say that!

i'm makin some ziki & meastballs.. niiiice =) my stupid ass FORGOT how to make the meatballs so i had to look up the directions online.. and don't you know REGULAR meatballs were the hardest thing to find.. they were giving me recipes for meastballs i didnt even know existed. HOLLER.

well im going to finish making dinner and REDYE my hair tonite and put my red highlighs back in.. WORD UP! i liek it how it is but i was looking through pics with my red hair.. and it was so ME!

loves it

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18th May 2006

11:27pm: hell0o0 =)

ahhh.. i am OVER being sick!! That is exactly what i needed.. I feel like myself again, thank GOSHHHH!!! I thought I would never start feeling better. blech.

I'm drinking Corona's at the moment and gettin' a bit fadeddd ... it feels good to be able to drink again and not feel so fucking nauseas!

I talked to Anthony today... it was cute. He has been calling me quite a few times over the last few days, and I've just been avoiding him for the most part.. just tryin' to worry about me & whatever. He left me a message today and was like, "I'm getting so worried... I hope you're okay." I haven't been around in a while so everyone is like wtf? I called him back and he's like "because of my line of work, I tend to worry more than the average person." and I was like AWWW! then he called back a minute later and was like, "you know I just want to know it was good to hear your voice.. I was really worried about you, but now that I hear you are okay, I feel so much better." He's so sweet. He's a friend for life =) He is having his annual soccer tournament in Albany.. but alas, I won't be there this year. That kinda sucks.

So tomorrow I'm going to apply to FMU. I need to get my ass in gear. My mom said if I get accept she will do whatever she can to help me pay for school, which means I wouldn't have to work full time.. which is a HUGE relief. I may also apply to UCF and ITT. I would prefer UCF but it may be expensive considering I am not a resident. So whatevs. I hope SOMETHING works out because I want to get this bachelor's and then master's shit worked out ASAP! I WANNA MOVE TO LOS ANGELES BABY!!!

Ahhh.. I took a few pics today!!
WOOHOO! =) <3<3

michael called me last night... i guess he was worried because he hadn't heard from me or seen me online, so he was worried. it kinda hurt to talk to him to hear him say, "I love you.." but as much as it hurts, I know it's for the best. I hope on everything that he gets his life together. I really do.

Well I am going to get back to drinking. I'm bored. GETTING TIREDDDD!!!
Current Mood: happy

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10th May 2006

4:11pm: they made me a bunch of cool graphics, so I got something out of it! : )

CHECK THIS OUT! You can tell where they took off my watermarkings & copyright.


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1:28pm: i FINALLY went to the doctor yesterday... in a few days I SHOULD be feeling better. I still feel shitty for the time being though, which is WACK! My mom is really helping me out, going to the doctor's with me yesterday, which she really didn't have to... but she did.

I got my cell turned back on... YAY. That works : ) Colleen has called me like 10 times in the last few days, she doesn't understand HOW SICK I AM! I'm like I can't hang out.. and she's like yes you can. She doesn't understand at all : (

So I have to go to court tonite. I got a speeding ticket a few weeks ago, and I am going to plead not guilty and hope that they drop it to a non-moving offense. I still have to pay it though.. just not today. I also have that ticket I got in Jersey that I have to pay before the 22nd. THIS SUCKS. I hate money.. it's evil : (

Well I'm watching Judge Joe Brown.. and I am going to lay down for a lil while. I gotta get up around 4 to start getting ready for freakin' court. GRRRRR.. I hate pigs.
Current Mood: sick

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8th May 2006

5:18pm: : (
I am soooooo unbelievably SICK that I don't even have the energy to check my myspace... these constant feelings of nausea are making it so I never want to get out of bed.. Mommy's bringing me home some pizza, I can't wait. I hope I don't get sick!!!!


: (
Current Mood: sad

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3:23pm: awww......
these are my girls. i miss them.

ahh.. lovely ladies. = )
Current Mood: sick

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